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BACKBONE is a visual and poetic portrait documentary about inner strength, darkness and hope in humans, set in an exotic and wild landscape in arctic Norway. The film portrays four different women following their dreams and hopes, accepting who they are, taking care of someone they love, and their relationship to nature.

You will meet:

Mariam, a 18-year-old woman from Syria. Mariam is new to Norway and she is blind. She has big dreams and hopes.

Rikke, a 46-year-old woman trying to find her place in the world and accept who she is.

Mary-Ann, a 75-year-old woman who has lost her husband to Alzheimer’s disease. How is she still coping with love and taking care of her husband that is slowly fading away?

Karen Anna, a 80-year-old Sami reindeer herder from Kautokeino. She has been living her whole life on the tundra and in the vast nature working and living with reindeers.

The film will premiere in 2019